We are creating a world where financial planning is frictionless

Fluxo was willed into existence after multiple long conversations about the kind of company we wanted to work for.

The business idea came later, based on years of observation that  software products for financial functions are decades behind software for other functions. We took on the ambitious goal of changing that, starting with financial modeling.

We are proud of coming to work every day to fulfill our mission.

How we operate

Our Values

Doing Our Best
Every day, being positive but skeptical, creative but efficient, nice but disciplined, bold but realistic, moving fast but in the right direction.
Value Creation First
It's easier to find ways to extract more value than to create more. But creating wins on the long term. We are in this to be an change agent for our team, clients, partners, and investors.
Everyone Has a Voice
No one is always right, no one is always wrong. It's not about the title, it's about principles first. If someone wants to say something, we hear. If someone doesn't, we ask.
What No One Knows
We have hypotheses about the future but no one can say exactly how people are going to behave or what we will learn along the way.
What Our Customers Know
Our customers know about their business, their pains and desires, , and their frustrations. If they say they have an issue, they have an issue.
What We Know
Our team knows how our product works, how our customers use it, our long term vision, and how to solve problems.
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