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Actuals represent your historical data. On tables and reports, you will only see finalized actuals. Every non-finalized month is instead showed as a forecast, based on models for each plan.

Every row can have a different type of actual (even within the same table), the three types are:

  • Manual: are values that are manually inputted by you on a monthly basis.
  • Source: are values that are synced to an external service such as QuickBooks Online.
  • Formula: are values that are automatically calculated based on a function of other values in your tables.

Start Next Month

A month will only be available for you to enter data once you start it, by clicking "Start Next Month".

For manual rows, you can then input the data for that given month. For formula based rows, the value is going to be calculated automatically and updated if the result of the formula changes. For source based rows, the value will be updated in the next scheduled data sync with the source.


You can always edit manually inputted actuals:

1) From the actuals screen, by clicking "Edit", entering different numbers and clicking "Save";

2) Directly from the tables screen, by inputting a number directly into a cell and pressing "Enter".

Outstanding Actuals Tables

Outstanding actuals tables are tables that have not yet been finalized for the first started month available.

Filtering your actuals screen by only outstanding tables help you see what inputs you are still missing.

Finalize Month

When looking at tables, only finalized actuals will be visible as actuals. Non-finalized months will only be visible on the actuals page, where they can be finalized.

An actual is only considered finalized once all tables are finalized for that time period. Until then, the actual is still open.

You can finalize a month by selecting "Finalize All" or by finalizing all tables one by one.