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Rows are line items. You can use them to represent financial items, quantities or even percentages.

Every row on an account has the same set of periods for actuals and plans at any given moment, which facilitates creating relationship between them.

Create Row

To create a Row, go to any table and type the name of the row you want to create at the bottom and press "Enter".

Field Type

You can select how to show the data in the row by clicking "..." on the right side of a row name and changing the field type at the top of the menu.

Currently available field types are number, $, €, and %.

Add/Edit Formula

Click "..." and select "Add/Edit Formula" from the menu to add a new formula.

The entire row is going to be filled with the result of the formula, except for periods with models applied to.

Rename Row

To rename a row, click  "..." and select "Rename row".

Any formulas or models referring to that row will be updated accordingly.

Move Row to Different Table

You can move a row from one table to another by clicking  "..." and selecting "Move to different table".

The row will maintain its values, formulas, sources, and models. Any formulas or models that refer to that row will also be updated accordingly.

Breakout Row Into New Data Table

Breaking out a row into a new table is a great way to create a detailed table for that row.

To break out a row, Click "..." and select "Breakout Row Into New Data Table" from the menu. It will create a new table named after that row, move the original row to this new table, and create a new row on the old table that refers to the original row.

A common example is breaking out Revenue from a Profit and Loss table. A new Revenue table will be created, the original Revenue row will be moved to the new table, and a new Revenue row is going to be created at the Profit and Loss table, referring to the one on the new table.

Delete Row

To delete a row, click  "..." and select "Delete row".

You can not delete a row with formulas or models referring to it, so that you don't have broken formulas.