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Sources allow you to import and sync data from external APIs and databases to your Fluxo account.

After you connect a source, you don't need to worry about manually updating data ever again.

How to add a source?

Adding a source is simple and all you need to do is go to "Sources" on the menu, choose your source and follow instructions.

How often a source is updated?

Currently, we extract data from sources once a day. Please, let us know if you have any problems with that.

QuickBooks Online

Our integration with QuickBooks Online allows you to extract your Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement from your QuickBooks Account straight into actuals on Fluxo.

If you are using this integration, please make sure you or your bookkeeper are maintaining your account well, matching transactions to the correct chart of accounts. Because Fluxo only reads the reports from QuickBooks, if your chart of accounts is disorganized, it will make it hard to have an organized financial plan.


To connect your QuickBooks Online account, you will need to login with your user and password in order to allow for the API access.

Skip a statement

You always have the option to skip any of the three statements. If you do that, your data from that specific statement won't be extracted.

If you want to sync data from a statement you had skipped when you set up your source, you can go to Sources -> Map Source -> Select the statement -> Unskip this report.

Create new table

For each of the three statements, you can extract QuickBooks data to a new table by selecting "Create New Table" at the top.

The new table will be created, matching the statement name and with one row for each of the line items.

Replace existing table

You can also map QuickBooks data to an existing table. In this case, you will need to select which of your current tables you want to

Create new row

This option comes pre-selected for every row. It will create a new row on the statement table with the data from the line item getting pulled as actuals for this new row.

Replace row

This option maps the line item to an existing row. It's only available if you selected "Replace existing table" (a new table doesn't have any rows to replace).

It will replace the existing row with actuals data from your QuickBooks account.

Break down to new table

Some line items may have more granular information. These will be marked with text citing how many nested rows are included under that line item.

If you click on the "(N nested rows)" text, you can visualize the sub-items.

Clicking "Bread down to new table" will create a new table that is named after the line item and has each of the sub-items as a row. The higher level line item will become a formula in the statement table, summing up the sub-items.