How It Works

If you need a financial model to understand where your business is going and to share with board members or investors, you might see it as a necessary evil.

That's because until now, the process of creating, maintaining, and sharing it is extremely annoying and you don't have time for that.

Check it out how we make it easy:

Add QuickBooks Online Integration for Financial Modeling

Import Data

Get your data from QuickBooks Online (and other integrations soon). Just login to your account and our application automatically extracts tables from your chart of accounts into financial statements.

After that, your data automatically updates daily. No more manually copying and pasting to feed your models.

Create Model Assumptions - Fluxo

Model Assumptions

Create forecasts and budgets with our semantic model builder. Add simple models such as "Grow 3% am" to your actuals and see forecasts get created automatically.

As time passes, your forecasts get updated without updating any formulas or dragging any columns.

View Financial Model Report - Fluxo

Customize Reports

Summarize your plans with reports that show assumptions and key metrics, aggregated by month, quarter, or year.

Share these reports with link sharing so multiple audiences can have access to the same report.

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