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Sage Cloud Forecasting

Fluxo integrates with Sage Cloud Accounting to give you the power of forecasting in sync with your accounting data.

Complement the accounting capabilities of Sage with the financial planning capabilities of Fluxo, so your business can both understand its past and plan its future.

Once you connect your financial plan with your Sage account, Fluxo will automatically map your chart of accounts, sync your historical data, and connect everything with your financial statements. The great thing about using this integration is you are able to create budgets and forecasts based on your historical data, and those will seamlessly translate into pro forma statements for your business.


  • Integrate your Sage data in a few minutes
  • Create driver-based forecasts and budgets
  • Automatically sync daily with general ledger
  • Create shareable reports, accessible by non-users


Sage Cloud

Sage Cloud is allows you to track your revenues and expenses, prepare for taxes, and organize payments and collections. And now, with Fluxo you can use all your Sage Cloud data to create budgets and forecasts for your business.


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