Fluxo Partners Program

Fluxo is transforming how finance teams plan.

As a Partner you have the unique opportunity to join this journey and grow with us. Our partners have direct access to our leadership team and all the support needed to succeed.

We are looking to partner with

Consultant Partners

Consultants work with clients on an ongoing basis, managing part or the entirety of their financial planning solution.

We support our consultant partners with training, sales, and marketing, and provide an ongoing commission for paid clients.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners resell Fluxo with value-added such as their own templates and reports, providing a premium solution to clients.

We support channel partners with training, sales, and, co-marketing, and provide revenue sharing options for monetization.

Referral Partners

Recommend Fluxo to clients who are evaluating financial planning solutions. After that, we'll take care of them.

We support our referral partners with training and marketing, and provide a one-time commission for converting referrals.

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