Fluxo is now Freemium!

March 19, 2020

Big news! Fluxo has a new Free Plan.

We know Fluxo is a new product and many of you would like to interact with it before any commitment, so you don't need to add your credit card to sign up anymore, just create your account and start using it.

Our free tier is ideal for those who just want to understand more how Fluxo works and for very simple financial plans.

Why are we creating a free plan?

We put a lot of love and effort into creating our product and we don't take the decision to give it for free lightly. However, a few weeks after launching, it became obvious it was the right thing to do for a few reasons:

  1. Fluxo is a bottoms-up product. Our users don't always have the immediate authorization to buy a new product, but having the time to create something valuable on a free account can help them justify the cost of an upgrade.
  2. We reached out to every user that gave up on the product on signup or right after it, and over 70% of those conversations ended up being about pricing. We want users to think about our value before they have to consider our price.
  3. We love our product, but it's still just a tiny fraction of our entire vision. The fastest way to get to that vision is if we get user feedback as fast as possible, a free plan will go a long way towards that.
  4. Right now, in the midst of possibly the worst health and economic crisis in a long time, we will be happy if as many entrepreneurs as possible are planning for different scenarios. Our way to help is by giving a free tool for the most simple plans.

Check out our new pricing plans, stay safe, and happy planning.

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