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Generic Financial Planning Template

The Generic is a 3 financial statements template that can easily be fit for any business. It is a great starting point if none of the other templates apply to your industry.

What it includes

P&L, with supporting tables for Revenues and Expenses.

Balance Sheet, with supporting tables for Assets, Liabilities, and Equity.

Cash Flow, automatically calculated based on your P&L and Balance Sheet.

How to use it

After selecting this template, your first step should be to take a few minutes to look at the supporting tables for Revenues, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities and Equity.

The template is completely customizable, so you can change field names, add new line items, and even change formulas to fit it to your financial plan.

Once you make the modifications and upload your data, you will have your three financial statements ready to go.

Ready to try it out?