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Charts & Frozen Plans - What's New With Fluxo

Charts & Frozen Plans - What's New With Fluxo

What does one more month mean?

Yes, Fluxo is even better than last month! Introducing two of our most requested features: Charts and Frozen Plans.


Reports now come with charts.

Just create your reports as usual, and you will now see that for every group of key metrics added, a chart is created.

These charts are also visible when you share the report, and viewers can dynamically select which metrics to see.

Example of a chart with a frozen plan (February 2020)

Frozen Plans

Until last month, forecasts within Fluxo were always rolling. With this new update, you can freeze a plan at a certain date, and your forecast will start on that month.

You can also duplicate a plan, so you maintain one frozen and one rolling version.

Once you freeze a forecast, months after the frozen date will be able to contain both an actual and a forecast, which will allow you to view and compare both.

Looking at variances between actuals and forecasts was never easier.


Would you like to edit multiple models at once, by changing only one number?

Now you can, with parameters. They can be created and edited from the top right of your tables, and then added to any model with a custom formula.

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