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New Console, Templates, & Consolidation - What's New With Fluxo

New Console, Templates, & Consolidation - What's New With Fluxo

New year, more product updates!

We are starting 2021 with a better product than ever. Our team has been hard at work and brought a battery of improvements and new features, check it out below:

New Project Creation Flow

The first update is related to our project setup. It's now easier than ever to start your project.

In one flow, you can select your date range, add your integration or template, and at the end you will have all your data already organized, and even a sample report waiting for you.

New project setup screen


We have heard all your feedback and relaunched our template selection with five all new templates. Every single one of them includes a full 3-statement plan.

Check them out at:


Have more than one business entity that need consolidation? With our new consolidation feature, you can add as many entities as you want to the same project.

Not only each entity will have its own data organized, but Fluxo also automatically creates consolidated financial statements. So, when you create your forecasts, they reflect not only on the individual business, but also on the consolidation.

It even works if you need to consolidate, for example, one business using QuickBooks Online and another one using Xero.

Console Interface

Lastly, another one that came from all your feedback. Our Console screen is now much easier to understand and to navigate.

Your tables are showed organized into Spaces. When you first create a project with an integration or template, spaces will be automatically created, organizing your tables into Assets, Equity, Expenses, Liabilities, and Revenue. You can also customize these, creating new spaces, renaming them, or moving tables around.

Please let us know your thoughts about all these new improvements!