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Why Fluxo? Fighting The Spreadsheet Chaos

Why Fluxo? Fighting The Spreadsheet Chaos

Spreadsheet chaos

Hello there,

As a startup operator, there is one thing that is common across every company I saw, Fluxo’s arch enemy: the spreadsheet chaos.

Initially, you just create one spreadsheet. Maybe you even take the time to make it super organized. But that is never how it ends:

  1. Assumptions change – that initial assumption of 3% revenue growth over the board? You need to now change it to 5% for product A, respect seasonality for product B, and for product C let’s assume we’ll double market share next year.
  2. Time passes – now that you need to incorporate last month’s performance, you need to adjust formulas, drag cells, manually adjust that forecast model that doesn’t make sense anymore.
  3. Other people create complementary spreadsheets – your COO has his own spreadsheet where he tracks costs, HR has their own spreadsheet where they track personnel, and certainly your financial model needs to match all of those.

How to solve this? One option is to make your spreadsheets more flexible, with automated updates, and set up internal standards on how files need to be organized. Here are a few resources that can help you achieve that:

But I’m sure you’ll agree with me, no one has time for all of that.

What if there was a financial planning tool that simplified all of this? That is why we started Fluxo. Our insight is that while no growing company wants to spend time with all of this, we can spend ours creating a solution that solves these problems in a generalized way.

Our initial goal is to create a product that makes creating and maintaining a simple financial plan 10x easier and faster than doing it with Excel. Interested in seeing what we’ll come up with? Sign up to our waitlist.