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Fintech companies improving financial management

Fintech companies improving financial management

There is so much going on with fintech that sometimes it's hard to define what we should be looking at.

Here's a list of functions within finance that are directly being affected and which fintech companies they should be looking at:

Funding - This is the most obvious impact, there are many more sources for both debt and equity funding than ever before, facilitated by companies like Brex, Square, Kabbage, and Republic.

Financial Planning - Helping companies centralize all their data in one financial planning platform and make sense of it to create budgets and forecasts can improve decision making quality and speed. This front has companies like Anaplan for enterprise and Fluxo for startups and SMBs.

Cash management - Visualizing and managing cash is another essential part of financial management that is receiving better and better solutions from fintech. Some good examples of companies in this sector are Kyriba and SureTraxx.

Risk Management - Some people consider Insurtech a different category, others don’t. Anyway, companies like Embroker and coverwallet can help companies manage different types of risks better.

Infrastructure - While all the companies above have a more direct effect on financial management, many other fintech companies simply create the infrastructure layer to banks and other technology companies to improve financial management. Stripe and Plaid are the two most obvious examples.

There are certainly many more companies creating valuable solutions in all these areas and others.