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Add Users, Copy + Paste Formulas, Round Rows - What's New With Fluxo

Add Users, Copy + Paste Formulas, Round Rows - What's New With Fluxo

Besides adding a new free tier, we had many great updates for you in March!

Check out some of Fluxo's new features:

Add Users to Your Account

Now you can go to My Account to add additional users to your account.

Round entire rows

Round entire rows with one switch. This is great for rows such as traffic, clicks, customers, or products sold, which should never be fractions.

Copy + paste on formulas and custom models

You have a formula or model that you want to replicate? Now you can copy text from formulas and custom models and paste in other formulas and custom models. You can even use Ctrl + c & Ctrl + v.

Press Enter saves formulas and models

Don't want to touch the mouse? Neither do us. Pressing Enter to save a formula or model is one more of our updates to make financial modeling faster.

Support for Microsoft Edge

Fluxo already worked on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Now it also supports Edge.

Reorder assumptions and key metrics on reports

When editing or creating a report, you can now change the order of your key metrics or assumptions, so you don't need to create the report from scratch when you make a mistake.

Large numbers now show with ",000" separator

As asked by one of our users, and it makes tables with large numbers look much better organized.

That was it for March! There's much more coming in April, subscribe below if you want to hear about our updates.